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The Bruny Island Residents and Ratepayers Network (Bruny Network) is a forum for community development, information sharing, partnership building, local research and advocacy.  It is run by Bruny Islanders, for Bruny Islanders.   Any person who lives on Bruny Island or owns land on Bruny Island is welcome to join Bruny Network.  The Network operates via this website, a Facebook Group, community events, volunteer projects, public advocacy, email bulletins and face-to-face meetings. 

Join Bruny Network

The Bruny Island Residents and Ratepayers Network (‘Bruny Network’) was established in January 2019 by a broad range of residents and ratepayers to create a positive way for Bruny Islanders to engage in issues that affect their home.  As at September 2019, 365 Islanders are part of Bruny Network, including […]

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Network News

The Bruny Island Residents and Ratepayers Network (‘Bruny Network’) produces regular updates on Network activities, news and issues on Bruny Island.  These updates include information from local residents and ratepayers, reports by local groups and committees, mainstream media coverage, and discussions on Bruny Island various social media channels.  The updates […]

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The ‘Hot Topics’ for Bruny Islanders change from time to time.  In 2018 and 2019 the hot topics were the Bruny Island Ferry (which changed operators for the first time in 20 years);  the impact of visitors on Bruny Island’s lifestyle and environment; the results and recommendations from Bruny Life Community Survey; and infrastructure upgrades on Bruny to deal with increased tourism.

Ferry Reference Group

The Bruny Island Ferry is operated by SeaLink, under contract from the Tasmanian State Government.  SeaLink commenced operating in August 2018 after winning a major tender to deliver Bruny ferry services until at least 2028. One of the new features of the SeaLink operations is the establishment of a Bruny […]

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Local Infrastructure

Bruny Islanders have identified a number of local infrastructure priorities throughout 2018 and 2019 through the Bruny Life Community Survey, the work of the former Bruny Island Advisory Committee and discussions facilitated by Bruny Network.  A fact sheet on each of these priorities (as at July 2019) can be downloaded […]

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Visitors to Bruny

The number of interstate and international visitors to Bruny Island has more than doubled from around 71,000 in 2012-13 to around 150,000 in 2018-2019.  This increase in visitors has brought both opportunities and challenges to the residents of Bruny Island.  Many Islanders are employed directly or indirectly by the tourism […]

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Bruny Life

‘Bruny Life’ is the short name for the 2018 Bruny Island Liveability Study. From December 2017 to April 2018, all Bruny Islanders were asked for their views about living and working on Bruny and what’s needed to make Bruny a great place to live for many years to come. The […]

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There is so much to read and learn about Bruny Island beyond the ‘Hot Topics’.  The Network does its best to collect as much information as possible and share it within our own community and with the rest of the world. You can browse and download information on a wide range of subjects relating to Bruny, both historical and current.

Bruny Emergency Management

This page contains general information about emergency management on Bruny Island for community members. In case of emergency, telephone 000.  For up-to-date information about emergencies on the web go to:  For formal, statutory  information about emergency management go to  For broadcast information listen to ABC radio at:  […]

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Bruny Information Archives

If you can think of a public policy topic, it has probably been written about in the context of Bruny Island.  Reports, studies, plans, surveys – you name it, it’s been done on Bruny.  To help ensure we don’t reinvent the wheel, Bruny Network is building an archive on this […]

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Featured Topics

Bruny Contacts

Bruny Island has more community groups than you can poke a stick at – and all of them are eager for volunteers and supporters.  We’ve provided a list with publicly available contact details and if you’d like to add a group to the list, or change any details, let the […]

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Bruny Events

There’s always something happening on Bruny, you just need to know who to ask and where to look.  Festivals, events, exhibitions, art happenings, celebrations, weekly activities, sports, parties  – they’re all on Bruny, all year round.   Below is information about upcoming events.  If you’d like to add an event, please […]

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